No Mud, No Lotus

I filled a custom order today, for one of my most popular designs: No Mud, No Lotus. The customer asked for a specific quote to be put on the inside, and I think it’s beautiful, so wanted to share it here:

Like the lotus flower that is born out of mud, we must honor the darkest parts of ourselves and the most painful of our life’s experiences, because they are what allow us to birth our most beautiful self. -Debbie Ford

Small Things Done with Great Love are Great Things

Recently, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. She is relatively young and healthy, so it really knocked the whole family off our feet. Having lost my dad to cancer in 2008 at the age of 51, I wasn’t prepared to face this again so soon, and decided to leave my job as an addictions counselor until we had a better idea of my mom’s prognosis and timelines because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my job the way it should be done with this much inner turmoil.

The sentiment for the first few weeks was “let’s just do today”. It didn’t feel like I could think a day, a week, definitely not a month ahead. And because I always turn to creative pursuits for my self-care, I decided to break out my digital cutting machine to make a vinyl mug with those words on it.


It’s so important to keep these things in mind, especially in the tough days.

Now More Than Ever

Hi! I’m Georgia. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a wife, mom, creative soul, tireless optimist, and lover of life in all its forms. I believe that all people have the capacity for kindness, and like laughter, yawns, and the common cold, it’s contagious.

With all of the fear and anxiety in the world right now, it’s easy even for a Pollyanna like me to lose perspective, to become jaded and forget to focus on the goodness in humanity. I need to focus on the kindness around me now more than ever and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that.

This blog is my way of sharing small pieces of kindness that, I hope, will help us all see the world as a brighter place.