Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Well, here’s the thing. I’m not working right now due to my mom’s diagnosis, and I’m going a little nuts not contributing any income to the household. So I thought I’d look around and see if there were any legitimate work from home jobs that I was actually qualified for.

As it turns out, since I have a good command of the English language, relatively quick typing skills, a decent computer, and high-speed internet, I’ve found several decent opportunities.

I recently signed on to¬†become a general transcriber for TranscribeMe.com. You have to study the style guide, and you have to take a quiz, but it’s the real deal. They link to your Paypal account and and once you’re owed $20 or more, you can request payment. You will make minimum wage at best doing this, but when you’re just at home anyway, every little bit helps! I’ve only been doing it for about a week and I’v already made $50, which is a lot better than nothing!

Closed Captioning
The other opportunity I found was with Rev.com. I took a short captioning quiz and was invited to take the more involved quiz. I passed it, and am now waiting to be activated to begin captioning for pay. The potential earnings are about twice what they are for transcription, so I’m eager to get started!

So, all-in-all, yes I do miss my counseling job. A lot. But I also know that I can’t give 100% to that right now. This way, at least I’m earning something, and for right now, it’s ok.

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